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  July 2014 

It really feels as if summer is right around the corner. 2014 brings sweltering heat and BBQ's galore.  
Whilst we can't predict how long it will last, it is certainly welcome and I've been perfecting my BBQ skills. The one thing I have learned in the last two weeks is that preparation is key.
I successfully fed 20 people last week with 6 different meat BBQ options cooked on a 18" Weber within 40 minutes of lighting the coals. How was this possible? The answer is in the precooking and it doesn't need to be complicated.
Firstly I organised for the chicken and pork rib items to be vac packed. This allowed me to put them in their bags straight into a pot of boiling water for 20 minutes "sous vide". The advantage of this is that all the moisture and juices are retained in the meat and they stay succulent and moist for the BBQ. Ask us to Vac Pac any items you would like to.
Secondly I poached the sausages. Sounds strange but this is how British sausages were cooked historically before being browned off. The poaching allows the meat to fill the skins helps stop the loss of fat and moisture and creates a very succulent eat.
Once this was prepared I allowed them to cool and popped them in the fridge.
The following day once the coals were hot I seasoned the chicken and ribs and allowed the BBQ to do the browning. Each item takes less than 30 seconds over the coals to warm through fully and take on colour and that wonderful smoke flavour without drying out and no risk of being undercooked.
The sausages will hold together and because they are already cooked fat will not leak out onto the coals causing a smokey blazing inferno.
Finally, once your chicken, pork and sausages are browned off and served you can move onto the red meat options of lamb and beef. The coals will have cooled a bit and you can then control the standard of cook to achieve rare to well done requirements.  
If you have any BBQ tips let me know and I will happily pass them on.
Happy BBQ'ing with our love

Basil, Mary & Richard & The Devon Rose family.
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