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Devon Rose Pork

Not quite Orwell, but our wonderful Landrace and Red Duroc pigs almost run the farm. Playing freely in open fields and allowed plenty of opportunity to root, forage and wallow in mud baths, our pigs have the very best of life. The pigs have free range access to natural feed with incessant pampering by the farm hands. It’s this way of life that brings out the intense and balanced taste, texture and eating quality of our magnificent pork. Choose from our award winning sausages, hand dry cured bacon and delectable pork cuts.FOR NITRATE FREE BACON VISIT THE FREE FROM DEPARTMENT

Our pork mince Our pork sausages Our pork steaks Our pork bacon dry cured Our cooked pork (Inc Ham)
Our pork joints Our diced pork Our pork offal and fats Our half and whole pork Our Gammon & Bacon Joints

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