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For health and ethical reasons, the demand for “naturalness” in our diets is growing This has led many to turn their backs on cheap “factory farmed” meats and additives in meats, such as nitrates and phosphates.

Factory farming is unkind to animals and produces a poorer quality and poorer tasting meat and most additives are simply there to give meat a nice colour and to prolong it's shelf life.    

Pumping water and antibiotics into meat does help producers increase their profit margins, but how good is this for the consumer? Many consumers believe that these processes cause them to develop auto-immune, digestive and psychological problems.                

At Devon Rose, we make no medical claims for our meat, we simply support those who wish to choose a more nutritious, kinder and flavour-filled diet. So for those with particular dietary requirements, Devon Rose provides a wide choice of natural, free-range, grass feed meats, without gluten, grains, nitrates, phosphates, routine antibiotics or refined sugars.                        


Use our search system to find the meats most suitable for your own particular diet.


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