Our History

The Dean Family has long been synonymous with the provision of fine meats throughout the West Country. We have been farming, gamekeeping, butchering and catering since the 1800's. The Devon Rose inspiration came originally from Rose Dean a bastion of good eating. In fact, our logo is Rose at just 19 years old and taken from a photograph of her in the abattoir.

Basil Dean continued the family tradition. By the age of 14 in 1957 with his father Colin turned out high-quality meats for the local community from the Ashcott butchery in Somerset. This was a prelude to an impressive career in meat spanning over 55 years. Basil's career saw him running meat plants in England and Southern Ireland as well as ensuring his local butcher's shops were well respected in the local community. Sadly Basil passed away in February of 2016 but his legacy lives on.

The family connection continues to this day with Basil's son, grand-daughter and son-in-law active in the business.

We are so proud of our foods and we challenge you to find better. After all we specifically avoid those processes and additives which, whilst highly profitable for the producer, can be detrimental to fresh quality. We welcome you to taste our very special West Country fare wherever you might live

Our Meat

We select our meats on the basis of traceability, welfare, purity, taste and eating quality. With a history and reputation of excellence we aim to excel every time. You can be assured that traditional methods and environmentally friendly practices are consistently applied. Our meat comes from animals pure bred and reared on pasture land. Grown free range our meats are known for their tender and succulent taste. We say "No" To Antibiotics, Additives, Water & Saline Pumping. We say "Yes" to Free Range, Natural Growth and Feed.

We work on the basis of purity, taste and eating quality under a stringent welfare policy. We are happy to source meats for you however we have found that serving exclusively meat has some drawbacks in our ability to consistently supply, cost and occasionally ensure a high quality eating experience. Our own "non-" standards fall into the following categories:

  • Traceability You can rest assured that all the meat we sell we know exactly where our meat has come from. We operate a true Farm to Fork philosophy. If we don't grow it ourselves we work in a concentric basis outwards to hit the next farm that works to the same standards as we do.
  • Welfare Our animals lead happy lives and are fed on natural diets and given the opportunity to roam. Generally application exceeds requirements by authorising bodies.
  • Purity Our meats are free from routine antibiotics, growth promoters, pesticides and herbicides. Where preservatives are used, it is only those which are allowed under certification. The one exception is for sausages which sometimes demand a longer shelf life. We are able to produce most of the ranges of sausages to contain or exclude the preserving element as required by the customer.
  • Taste In our experience taste is driven by application to the above two standards. All of our meats are taste tested by a local panel and must adhere to particular qualities.
  • Eating quality We have a policy of guarantee that our meats will be fresh, tender and moist.
  • Sustainability We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. From hedgerow schemes, heat recycling and zero to landfill programmes we want to make sure our environment is beautiful today and for generations to come.

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