The Bespoke Regular Box


What is a bespoke regular box ?

This box allows you to choose which items you receive each, week, fortnight or four weekly.


How do I create a bespoke regular box?

It's really easy. Click here to switch on your box and then revisit this page to complete the process.. If you are not yet registered with Devon Rose you will be prompted to do so.


You will then need to choose the items you would like to receive on a regular basis. The steps are detailed below:


  1. Go to the "my favourites" section /my/favourites.aspx
  2. Choose category/products /Size etc and from the drop down box on the right
  3. Select "yes" for "automatically add to your regular box orders"
  4. Keep selecting products until you have everything you want to see appear in your box
  5. Go to the "my regular box" section /my/box.aspx . Make sure the "X Bespoke Please call for details" box is turned on and the weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly option is selected.
  6. Click save.


How much does it cost to deliver?

Bespoke Regular box scheme customers get Free Delivery & Packing as long as the box value exceeds £64.60 in value. Click Here To See Terms & Conditions.


Have a question?

If you want to ask a question please feel free to call us on 01297 22251 or drop us an email here.