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Devon Rose Staff

Richard (Managing Director). (back to top)

I'm very proud to head up Devon Rose. You could find me almost anywhere in the country, though mostly these days I'm in London dealing with the our wholesale clients. I have the best of both worlds really, the beauty and tranquility of the countryside for part of the week and the energy and buzz of the city the remainder. I can honestly say that I have now virtually given up on eating out (with the exception of Devon Rose catering clients) and find nothing compares to real meat properly cooked. And that in a nutshell is what Devon Rose is all about. I really love our business and our clients and it is truly an honour to serve you.

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Richard DeanRichard Trevor Dean's Facebook profile

Basil (Director Of Production) (back to top)

Hello, I'm Basil! I have over 46 years of butchering trade behind me. I've seen and managed every conceivable meat operation over the years - the big, the small, the good, the bad and the downright ugly. I'm trained (not that I needed a certificate to tell me what I knew) as a British Master Butcher. I'm one of the few of us left who can tell provenance just by looking at a piece of meat. I believe in quality and it's my guarantee that if you won't find a better cut of meat anywhere in the country.. Happy eating and it's a pleasure to serve you!

Mary (Company Secretary) (back to top)

Devon Rose Staff

Good day... I'm Mary. Not only do I make sure that everything is spick and span, but I also ensure that your parcels are sent out in pristine condition. It takes a woman's touch and according to Basil that's exactly what I have! Basil & I have been together now for longer than I would care to admit, but Richard who is our youngest is no spring chicken any more. I'm the first lady of Devon Rose and woe betide anyone who doubts that! I really hope you enjoy your purchases and it is a pleasure to serve you.
Mary Dean

Tony (Master Butcher). (back to top)

I'm Tony. You could call me modest, but then that would be an understatement! I'm your boner, cutter and presenter. I'm also a master butcher and that means I really know my meat. You can find me cutting, chopping, slicing and boning down in our cutting rooms. I've been butchering virtually all my life and if that doesn't count for something I don't know what does! They also call me organised and I'm forever thinking ahead (well someone around here has to!). That makes sure that when you place your order you have a pretty good chance of getting it! I hope you enjoy our produce and it really is a pleasure to serve you. Tony


Andrew (Packing & Distribution Manager) (back to top)

Hiya, I'm Andrew I'm Basil's and Mary's son-in-law and Richard's brother-in-law... so you can see it's a real family affair! I've just joined the team and aside from delivering all over the South West (at least that's how it feels!),I have taken on roles including the regulatory side of the business. That means that when you get Devon Rose goodies you can be assured that not only have we made sure our farms are up to scratch in terms of welfare, ethics and cleanliness but also our standards of hygiene and attention to safety requirements are second to none. It's not just an ethos... it really is and truly is a pleasure to serve you! Andrew

Tina (Packing Support). (back to top)

Hello, I'm Tina! I'm the girl who makes sure all the packs end up looking bright and cheery and end up in the right boxes. I used to be in the civil service so I know a thing or two about systems, organisation and routine and woe betide anyone who attempts to upset my arrangements! If you are looking for the best prepared meats available... you have just found it! It is a pleasure to serve you. Tina