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Aaron Clark is the director of Aaesthetica, a new multi-fitness service providing quality and bespoke nutrition plans and fitness training programmes to clients of all abilities. 

Whether your goal is to eat healthier for weight loss; eat better for lean muscle development; strip down for that shredded, defined and toned physique; or improve your gym life routines and exercises to increase muscle building and strength, aaesthetica can help you and guide you through a worthwhile and specific journey to making these positive changes in your lives.

Aarons extensive experience in nutrition and the fitness industry at both local level and professional club status reflects in the hard work and passion he has for supporting  individuals with their goals and ensuring professional and effective service at all times

Serafin Health

Jess Doak is a Nutritional Therapy Consultant based in Kingsbridge, Devon.

Jess focuses on the foundational pillars of health to achieve balance in the body leading to optimal health and vitality, getting to the root cause of health issues rather than just the symptoms.

For a free 20 minute consultation either by phone, skype or in person, and for more information, please see her website.

Pudding Pie Cookery School

At Pudding Pie, they are passionate about food, cooking and teaching new skills. Their philosophy is that learning should always be fun.

They encourage kids, teenagers and adults to experiment, taste and touch food, which has to be fun at the same time. Whether you are new to cooking, want to learn to cook tasty food whilst on a diet, or if you are simply looking to improve your existing skills, they can help.

Offering fantastic cookery lessons, buffets, parties & classes for kids and adults

The Forever Plan

This plan is designed to not only help you achieve a leaner body, but also to become healthier, feel fitter, sleep better, become more active and feel alive.

Here’s a question for you – Do you keep a load of artificial additives and preservatives in your cupboard to add to your cooking? No! … Then why would you want to continue buying food from the supermarket with them in?

London Paleo Kitchen

Alicia and Arifa are two friends who are just passionate about food. They are not culinary experts and don’t pretend to be, they just like to cook and eat good food. They found out about Paleo when they started doing CrossFit a few years ago, and they’ve slowly been changing the way they cook so that it is more Paleo friendly.

The great thing about Alicia and Arifas blog is their no nonsense approach to cooking. Their style aims to be quick, simple and nutritious. Knowing the girls and their extreme levels of fitness tells me that there is something quite exciting about paleo eating.

Gatcombe Farm=

Gatcombe Farm Accomodation

Surrounded by footpaths which lead to the Jurassic World Heritage Coastline, Gatcombe is an ideal base for those wishing to abandon their car and savour the countryside on foot.

Two large, comfortable ensuite bedrooms, both traditionally furnished. Hearty English breakfast served on separate tables in the dining room. Large enclosed garden.

Bring your wellies and watch the 250 cows being milked. This traditional Devon farm has been in the Reed family for 3 generations and at present is farmed by Robert, Julie and their 3 children, Thomas, Lauren and Nicholas who will gladly show visitors around the farm

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Devon Rose is recommended by Gourmet Britain

Britain's most comprehensive food website, covering the best food that the British Isles can offer including Mail Order Food Shops, Restaurants, Places to Stay, that they and their inspectors recommend

 The Green Home | Green Directory | Renewable Energy Systems

The Green Home

The Green Home Directory features businesses across the UK that are doing their bit for a greener world. This can be sourcing their goods from and sustainable sources, or using renewable energy and fairtrade products. Our aim is to help promote their good work, and spread the word about the green products and services out there.

Gatcombe Farm=  Local Food Advisor - Website listing award winning local food producers across the UK & Ireland.
Tullens Fruit and Lamb Farm

Tullens Fruit and Lamb Farm

Tullens fruit farm offers the finest quality, fresh and delicious apples. With English apples, apple juice, apple juice, apple recipes, fresh apple juice, pears, oranges, fresh vegetables, lamb featuring in their offering. They are also considered one of the best food shops for lovers of British fruit and apples in West Sussex.

Gatcombe Farm=

Eat The Seasons

The majority of the UK population grow up in urban areas, with little or no awareness of when and where various foods are produced. Imports from around the world ensure that supermarket shelves look the same week in week out. Eat the seasons aims to promote an understanding of food seasons. Each week we focus on one food, which is currently in season, and share enlightening facts, useful tips and enticing recipe ideas picked from the web and our favourite books

Gatcombe Farm=

Ethical Product Review

The Ethical Product Review has been set up so that you, the consumer, have the opportunity to objectively and impartially review some of the many products that label themselves as ethical, green, eco-friendly or environmentally friendly.
This is your opportunity to heap praise upon those products that live up to their credentials and, of course, to warn your fellow visitors about those that don't by pointing out their flaws.

Gatcombe Farm=

Food From Britain

Food from Britain generates business for UK food and drink producers through an international network covering 32 markets.

They are a market development consultancy commissioned by the government to increase exports of UK food and drink, and to support the growth of quality regional food producers.

Green England

Green England

Helping you help the planet.

Established for all those who want to help make the world a better place, is an online directory of green and ethical products, days out, services and information.

Red Tractor

Red Tractor
Look out for the red tractor logo and know what you are buying. This not for profit company monitors audits and authorises use of the red tractor logo.

It's not easy being green. Its Not Easy Being Green
The enigmatic Strawbridge family whose aim is:
"To live a 21st century lifestyle but to produce little or no waste and to remove our dependence upon fossil fuels".

This is not an official BBC website, it's a personal record of the Strawbridge family and they hope that you find it useful and that you will join the forum to share your experiences.

The Truth About Food The Truth About Food
The first programme "How to be slim" featured a scene with Devon Rose nitrate free bacon in it explaining how protein is the best way of keeping you fuller for longer. (As opposed to carbs or fat). I love this website. Not only is it informative, its also highly interactive and fun. Want to know what food really does to your body? Forget the headlines, watch their intriguing investigations with 500 volunteers as they expose the real science behind the food we eat.
River Cottage Logo River Cottage
River Cottage aims to promote a better understanding of the nature and origins of what we eat, and to celebrate and contribute to the vibrancy of our local food community. Every product and experience that we create aims to have a beneficial impact on our understanding, enjoyment and relationship with real food.
South West Food & Drink South West Food & Drink
South West Food & Drink is the "umbrella" trade organisation dedicated to the development of the food and drink industry throughout South West England. It was created to ensure that there is a coherent strategic approach to the sector and is funded by South West of England Regional Development Agency (SWRDA).
Gatcombe Farm=

Devon Rose is referred by SCD UK

Whatever digestive complaint you've been diagnosed with, most people's reaction is to feel alone. You're not! The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) is much more than a simple list of foods to help you cope with Crohns, UC, Celiacs and more*. It's an entire support group.

Web Broadcasting Corporation Web Broadcasting Corporation
We Love this site. The Web Broadcasting Corporation broadcasts real-time live video for both education and pleasure viewing; they stream the images from major attractions and places of interest. Most notable are Slimbridge wildfowl trust, Denbury Farm and Rye Harbour nature reserve.
United Nations Food Ethics Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations
Technical site dedicated to a variety of ethical questions of relevance to food security and sustainable rural development..
Whats On Your Plate Whats On Your Plate
The Fair Food Foundation aims to link restaurants and food outlets with their local communities, disseminating information between farmers, growers, and artisan food producers and sharing it with the hospitality industry and the wider public.

The Foundation also forms links with other organisations with an interest in all aspects of the food chain, acting as a conduit for information.They aim to raise food awareness and want to restore public trust in farming, pride in our artisan food producers and to celebrate the diversity of British cuisine.

Farmers Weekly Farmers Weekly
Farmers weekly is a huge site for professionals in the industry. With an impressive forum and hourly changing stories, if you want to know about farming this is the place to go.
Sustainable Food Sustainable Food
Sustainable food faces a dilemma of our times. People: There are nearly a billion people in the world overweight, that is about the same number as those who go hungry...this is the "double burden" that needs to be tackled. Planet: UK household food requires over 6 times its own UK land surface (footprint) to provide our food.
Carbon Responsible Carbon Responsible
Carbon Responsible, where you can learn about carbon emissions and their creation by your travel. Your personal and corporate carbon emissions can be reported and offset using their products and calculators.
Battery Hen Welfare Trust Battery Hen Welfare Trust
This fantastic site sits very comfortably with us. If you have seen chicken run you'll get a similar sort of warm feeling. The difference is this is real and the battery hen welfare trust seeks not to criticize, but to deal with the consequence of consumer demands.
Natural Matters Natural Matters
The UK's only natural lifestyle resource, and more than just a directory, they bring you the very best in forward thinking news, views and products for a natural lifestyle and keep you up to date with the the natural lifestyle media coverage that matters.
Taste of the West Logo Taste of the West
Taste of the West provides key support for the economic development of the Food and Drink industry throughout the South West - from Gloucestershire and Somerset through to Wiltshire, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. Taste of the West works with regional food and drink companies - from producers and processors to retailers and caterers plus associated businesses.
Food Standards Agency Logo Food Standards Agency
Independent watchdog established to protect the public's health and consumer interests in relation to food safety.
Big Barn Logo Big Barn
BigBarn is the UK's no.1 local food website. They help people to find good, safe, accountable food from local sources. They believe there are significant problems in the UK food industry. Big Barn see a trend towards the separation of producer from customer, where the market is controlled by big business, retailers and middlemen. Where Farmers, on average, only receive 9p in every £1 spent on food in a supermarket and where chicken farmers now rear chickens so intensively, to meet low price points, that they contain nearly a pint of bad fat, get hock burns from standing in their own excrement and grow so quickly that their bones can be minced up to make hot dogs. Big Barn want to reverse that trend.
FOOD magazine Logo FOOD magazine
Seasonal food ideas, tips and recipes in this Devon publication.
The Online Meat Trades Journal The Online Meat Trades Journal
Everything you could ever want to know about the world of meat. Breaking news, market prices and industry insights.
West Dorset Food and Land Trust West Dorset Food and Land Trust
The West Dorset Food and Land Trust is a Bridport based charity that exists "to work with the local community to create the knowledge, skills and resources which enable people to access healthy, sustainable and affordable food"
With this aim in mind, the Food and Land Trust has started a variety of projects and programs since it was organised in 1996. Information about our current activities can be accessed through this site.
 Farmers and Growers Logo Farmers & Growers
Farmers & Growers (OF&G) is an certification body. They carry out the inspection and licensing of farming and food processing across the UK.
UK TV Food Logo UKTV Food
Did you know that Devon Rose was a nominated food hero regional finalist for 2007? UkTvFood is an enormous site and a fascinating place to trawl for recipes, local producers and artisan food skills.
Discover Devon Logo Discover Devon, BBC
The most useful website about Devon with surf reports, full traffic updates, local news reports, details of things to do, where to walk, our fantastic beaches, weather and tide times. Huge, really useful site even including Webcams!
Slow Food Logo Slow Food
Slow Food is a non-profit, eco-gastronomic member-supported organization that was founded in 1989 to counteract fast food and fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions and people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes and how our food choices affect the rest of the world..
Certified Farmers Market Logo National Association of Farmer's Markets
Find your nearest Farmer's Market.
Carbon Info Logo
What are food miles all about? Find out here.
Devon Food Links Logo Food Links
Local Devon site promoting the availability of Devon produce.
Bed and Breakfasts Logo Bed and Breakfast
Site showing local places to stay.