Business Sectors

We supply our meats to companies in many business sectors; some are large household named brands, others small family run businesses and there's a range of types and sizes in between.

Whatever the size or sector, each item we supply is carefully created with the attention to detail only our years of experience can bring.

Customers want partners that understand their needs and the markets that they serve.

As a family run business, running a specialist service, we are very aware that all organisations, large and small, thrive in the niche they have made for themselves and it is our aim to support each niche; because if we can help a organisation specialise, it can perfect its service and more easily grow its business.

This is why we are introducing this online service to support your niche.

For each niche, our aim is to simplify your shopping process by providing on-line ordering on a range of products supplied and created with your particular niche in mind.

Come back again, because over the next few months we will be expanding our range of niche services

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