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We grow our fully free range pigs in fields near our Farm in Seaton Devon, they are renowned for their quality and flavour of their meat.

Our beef, lamb and chicken is also renowned for its quality and flavour. Fully free range, grass fed on pasture lands, which are free from herbicides and pesticides

All of our sausages and hams, pastramis and bacons are traditionally dry cured.

All smoked products are “true smoked” in our own smoker (as opposed to painted smoke flavouring). It also goes without saying that none of our produce has water added, which means the cooked product will experience less shrinkage.

Extra instructions - speciality products

Free From & Nitrate Free

As a general rule, all of our products that are simply cut are naturally "free from products". Processed items like sausages and bacon may contain a small amount of wheat or other allergen. If your customer requires a more sensitive diet with foods which are free from allergens such as gluten, nitrates, dairy or preservatives, we provide speciality products for you to serve them.

Nitrate free bacons

Nitrate free bacons are naturally far saltier than bacon with nitrates. Nitrate free bacons should be washed in cold water thoroughly before cooking to remove the final traces of salt.

SCD/Gluten Free Sausages

These products are also free from all other allergens eg preservatives, lactose and eggs. No sugars are used in production of these products either. Because these sausages have no fillers they will also have a different texture and taste. In addition they will cook out differently and clients will find the fat is rendered out as the sausage cooks, meaning the product will shrink more during cooking.

Pork free boxes

Pork free boxes will contain chipolatas encased in lamb skins rather than traditional skins.

Turkey bacon

Turkey bacon is also saltier than traditional bacon and should be washed before use.

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