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Game has a lengthy tradition in Britain. In the past, hunting venison used to be the privilege of the nobility, although the poor were allowed to catch and keep rabbits for the pot. Many large houses had dovecotes to raise pigeons as another source of meat. In Tudor times, large households would employ their own bird-catcher who would bring the house cook a wide range of wild birds.

We may no longer fancy the red squirrels or peacocks our ancestors tucked into for dinner, but more familiar types of game, such as pheasant, partridge and venison are now widely available from Devon Rose.

Game seasons

Most wild game is only available during the shooting seasons, which vary from animal to animal. Here are the seasons for the main types of game.

  • Grouse 12 August to 10 December
  • Pheasant 1 October to 1 February
  • Partridge 1 September to 1 February
  • Ducks and geese 1 September to 31 January
  • Hare 1 August to 29 February
  • Red deer stags 1 August to 30 April (England, Wales, Northern Ireland), 1 July to 20 October (Scotland)
  • Red deer hinds 1 November to 28 February (England, Wales, Northern Ireland), 21 October to 15 February (Scotland)
  • Fallow bucks 1 August to 30 April
  • Fallow does 1 November to 28 February (England, Wales, Northern Ireland), 21 October to 15 February (Scotland)
  • Roe bucks 1 April to 31 October (England, Wales), 1 April to 20 October (Scotland)
  • Roe does 1 November to 28 February (England, Wales), 21 October to 31 March (Scotland)
  • Pheasant

    The gentleman's choice. Completely free to enjoy the whole estate, 'tis the seasonal bird of choice.

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  • Rabbit

    Thank the Romans for introducing this wonderful staple. Rabbit is a great meal whether roasted, pied or stewed. Lean and wholesome.

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  • Venison

    Wild and wonderful in any season we have venison available almost all year round. This near-perfect meat is lean and packed with protein.

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  • Partridge

    This game item is always a winter favourite. Beautiful individually roasted.

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  • Pigeon

    Pigeon pie isn't the only recipe you can create with this lean, protein packed staple... but it certainly is one of the best.

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  • Mixed

    Our choice of the finest game items, selected, diced and prepared for you.

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