Devon Rose Turkey

With flavour and texture unchallenged, the Devon Rose Bronze is bred to provide the ultimate experience in Christmas dining. Our turkeys are grown specifically for Christmas. With superbly textured meat each slice is beautifully moist and full of flavour, . Our clients return year on year and it's always a pleasure to serve such a queen of birds.

The secret of this phenomenal bird is the way the turkeys are bred and raised using superior traditional farming methods. This allows the turkeys to roam freely in stubble fields, lush pastures and tradtional woodland. At night the turkeys shelter in open-sided barns, with deep straw and plenty of fresh air.

Slow-growing strains are grown to maturity over several months. Feed is based on locally grown cereals and vegetable protein. Without additives, drugs or growth promoters and, of course, it’s GM free

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