Wholesale Game

Wholesale Game

We are so lucky to be surrounded by wild game in abundance. Our range of game includes; wild pigeon, wild rabbit, hare, partridge, quail, pheasant and guinea fowl.

How you need it

Wild game has grown in popularity over the years and rightly so. With wild food in abundance, we source the finest wild game during the shooting season, ready for you to use on your menu. Our range of game includes;

Wild rabbit (mostly year round)

Wild pigeon (mostly year round)

Quail (mostly year round)

Guinea Fowl (mostly year round)

Pheasant (1st October - 1st February)

Partridge (1 September to 1 February)

Wild hare (1 August to 29 February)

Wholesale Quail
Wild pigeon by the Ethicurean

Understanding you

Our beef is traditionally reared in a time honoured fashion on lush West Country pastures. Hung for a minimum of 28 days, we use the following breeds and crosses throughout the seasons:- Hereford and Hereford cross, South Devon, Red Devon/Ruby Red and Aberdeen Angus. Welfare friendly Veal


Understanding our customers and their needs drives our business. We offer long lead delivery right through to next day. All of our meat is couriered by refrigerated vans and carefully packaged.

Quality guaranteed

With 97 years in selling wholesale meat, we are happy to guarantee the quality of our produce. We hand pick and check each order, if something doesn't make the cut, it doesn't leave our business.


We have some of the widest selection in meats including Burgers, Mince, Sausages, Steak, Joints & Offal. We work with our customers to understand their requirements and fuel inspiration.

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Looking for something delicious for your menu? We would love to hear from you. Get in touch and we'll do our best to give you a speedy reply.

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